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Avoid Overtourism and Crowd In These Least Visited Travel Destinations

If you like to travel, perhaps you want to go to popular cities, significant landmarks, beautiful national parks and stunning places to get great photos and memories. However, not many travellers visit these places.

Are you looking for least visited travel destinations to avoid overtourism and crowd? Here are some travel spots where you can avoid overtourism.

Alentejo in southern Portugal

Alentejo in Portugal

The Alentejo region is located in the mid-south of Portugal, near the border of Spain. Portugal has interesting travel spots and an affordable travel destination. The village of Serpa offers a beautiful, tranquil atmosphere. The beautiful village is nice, small, and well cared. Not many tour groups come here, which makes it a point of travel interest where you can avoid the crowd. 

Another interesting place to see is the fortified medieval village of Mertola located on a rocky spur high above the rivers of Guadiana and Oeiras in the southern Alentejo. There are fascinating castles to visit here where you can stay for an evening. You can enjoy going around the village and see nature and parks, beautiful sites, landmarks and museums. A few tourists come here, and there are not so many activities to do at night.

The city of Tallinn in Estonia

The small capital city of Tallinn in Estonia is a port destination of cruises so every day the town centre is crowded with tourists. There are easy ways to avoid the crowd in Tallinn’s Old Town and see the less crowded places in the region. Local recommendations point you to visit Kadriorg Park and then Pirita Beach. You will have a good time at the beautiful historic park and the beautiful beach, without having to worry about the crowd.

Questions to Ask If You Want To Pack Right

It is normal to get excited and want to bring items with you as much as you want. After all, you are going to a foreign land. Your idea is to be as prepared as possible.

But don’t get too excited just yet. There are questions you can ask yourself if you want to pack right and pack light. Here they are:

Do I Need This Item 100%?

Before you add an item in your baggage, think it through. Do you really need the item? Is it really a must-have? Is your travel going to be better if you have this item with you? If you answer “yes” to all of these questions then it’s a go.

How Often Do I Actually Use This When I Travel?

Given that you need an item, ask yourself how often you use it when you travel. Would leaving the item behind make a huge difference in your travel experience. If it is something that you don’t really use often while travelling, you can just skip it.

Is This Item Lightweight? Does It Have a Travel Size Version?

Always consider the weight of an item before packing it. The aim is to always go for items that are not heavy. If the item is heavy but you need it, look for alternatives. Try looking for a travel size version. With this, you don’t need to compromise your needs. You can still bring your essentials without sabotaging the weight and space in your baggage. It’s a win-win!

Packing is not a science. It can be as easy as asking these questions to yourself. And then you will find what a big difference following these tips can do to your packing dilemma. For more information about travel, visit [WEBSITE].

Business Travel – Advantages Of Hiring a Travel Agent

Business travellers move a lot most of the time. They have to be on time in every appointment they make so that they can build contracts with other businesses and business partners. Some cases require a change in the travel plan, which can be troublesome if an individual manages your own travel preparations. Things can be easier when a travel agent make all the planning for a business trip.

If you are a business traveller, hiring a travel agent to plan your business trip can make things easier for you and avoid any hassles. Make sure you get all the necessary information from the travel agency and get detailed information concerning business travel. This helps prepare the necessary requirements you need to travel.

Having a travel agent to make plans for your business trips allows you to focus on your work-related agenda and have a great time while travelling on business. You can have time to enjoy while on a business trip. While you may be busy in conferences and meetings during the business trip, working with a travel agent can help you put breaks in between your busy business schedule.

Business travellers may need a car to go from one place to another, and help manage business more capably. Using travel agencies can save time as they can arrange for special car service.

Also, travel agents can provide ideas concerning the best place to have dinner and a few drinks in the city where they plan to visit. In case there is a need to change your hotel, travel agents can find other lodgings that will meet your requirement.

Using a travel agency is a wise choice that every businessman. Travel agents can help make your business trip an enjoyable experience.