Avoid Overtourism and Crowd In These Least Visited Travel Destinations

If you like to travel, perhaps you want to go to popular cities, significant landmarks, beautiful national parks and stunning places to get great photos and memories. However, not many travellers visit these places.

Are you looking for least visited travel destinations to avoid overtourism and crowd? Here are some travel spots where you can avoid overtourism.

Alentejo in southern Portugal

Alentejo in Portugal

The Alentejo region is located in the mid-south of Portugal, near the border of Spain. Portugal has interesting travel spots and an affordable travel destination. The village of Serpa offers a beautiful, tranquil atmosphere. The beautiful village is nice, small, and well cared. Not many tour groups come here, which makes it a point of travel interest where you can avoid the crowd. 

Another interesting place to see is the fortified medieval village of Mertola located on a rocky spur high above the rivers of Guadiana and Oeiras in the southern Alentejo. There are fascinating castles to visit here where you can stay for an evening. You can enjoy going around the village and see nature and parks, beautiful sites, landmarks and museums. A few tourists come here, and there are not so many activities to do at night.

The city of Tallinn in Estonia

The small capital city of Tallinn in Estonia is a port destination of cruises so every day the town centre is crowded with tourists. There are easy ways to avoid the crowd in Tallinn’s Old Town and see the less crowded places in the region. Local recommendations point you to visit Kadriorg Park and then Pirita Beach. You will have a good time at the beautiful historic park and the beautiful beach, without having to worry about the crowd.